Project Operations & Services

Based on knowledge and experience from its long term activity in cluster and network management, InSITE BAVARIA follows an innovative methodological approach for the site development process. Step by step, a location profile, urban and functional structures will be developed according to the needs of the intended focus industries. As an outcome, concrete business cases can be defined and offered for investment through InSITE BAVARIA’s network of companies, cluster organizations and business promoting institutions.

Phase 1

Based on an analysis of existing economical patterns in the region, we identify the most promising business sectors and their demand in terms of infrastructure, services, and built environment. In this way, we design a pathway for the future economical development of the industrial site in an international context.

Phase 2

Our work leads to concrete business cases giving potential investors clear visions of the opportunities within site and region particularly for their specific economic activities. Detailed master planning provides best possible conditions for successful real estate development.

Phase 3

We promote concrete opportunities rather than favorable factor conditions, using face-to-face contacts within our ample network rather than expensive but aimless events and brochures. We do not only deliver concepts, but we will also be involved in site operation.