Competence Center for Planning and Construction of Industry and Innovation sites

The competitiveness of successful business locations is generally based on a unique profile and stable networks, services and support infrastructures. These factors provide the business locations with them a sustainable fundament for operation and make them attractive for concrete settlement decisions. InSITE BAVARIA offers strategical consultancy, planning and project management services – from first strategical considerations right to the concrete settlement of companies.

Our Location

Industrie Center Obernburg

InSITE BAVARIA is located on the premises of the Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO), an industry park for chemical fiber located in the Lower Main region in the North-West of the Free State of Bavaria.
The Industrie Center Obernburg - with a total area of 176 hectares and about 3,000 employees - is Europe's largest and most diversified location for chemical fibers and home to many internationally successful companies of different sizes and industries. The operating company of the Industrie Center Obernburg is Mainsite GmbH & Co.KG.

In addition to marketing and continuous development of the site for future industry allocation, Mainsite provides the infrastructure and versatile services required for the efficient operation of the companies located on site. The highly efficient corporate structure of Mainsite GmbH & Co.KG and the sustainable management demonstrated by the Obernburg Industry Center with its more than 90 years’ history serves as a role model for the work of InSITE BAVARIA. We are pleased to introduce the successful example of the ICO and Mainsite to international visitor groups and delegations.

Our origin

As a spin-off from the Bavarian Cluster Initiative, InSITE BAVARIA operates as a competence center of TUM International GmbH to offer a unique site development program. The program allows business enterprises, education and research institutions, private investors and the public sector to locate at new sites, to become part of an international network and to access new markets worldwide.

In 2015, InSITE BAVARIA set up its Competence Center for the development of industry and innovation sites in the Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO), in the Lower Main region in the Free State of Bavaria. Together with the operator of the ICO, Mainsite GmbH & Co.KG, InSITE BAVARIA continuously enhances its site development program, whereas the location of the ICO and the surrounding metropolitan region serves as model region.

In addition to the joint development of sustainable site concepts for industrial settlement, the symbiotic cooperation also includes offers in the field of training and research, integrated transportation-, infrastructure- and regional planning - with close involvement of society and politics.

Within TUM International GmbH, InSITE BAVARIA is tasked to accelerate innovation and growth partnerships between industry and science. These partnerships are an essential element of dynamic innovation systems ("innovation ecosystems"), in which research, knowledge transfer, production and market development go hand in hand. InSITE BAVARIA continuously expands its technical expertise and implements visionary ideas. This includes the enhancement of approaches for sustainable sites, such as the Initiative for Interdisciplinary Regional Development (IIRD).

Institute of Interdisciplinary Regional Development (IIRD)

Institute of Interdisciplinary Regional Development (IIRD)

Together with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), architecture and planning agencies as well as industry partners, InSITE BAVARIA has started a new Institute of Interdisciplinary Regional Development (IIRD). The institute brings together spatial and urban planning, architecture and business operation to define processes for optimized productivity, identify best allocation of investments and resources, and explore maximum impact on local value creation for existing and new sites. It introduces “structural planning” as a new discipline and creates a new standard for infrastructure planning at the interface of urban and rural spaces. This way, it allows to forecast future social and economic requirements and developments, and integrates them into sustainable economic ecosystems and clusters.

At the core of the initiative stands the development of a 4D-instrument which enables planners, developers and regional managers to monitor existing socio-economic processes, mobility patterns and infrastructure as well as to simulate development scenarios in a designated project area. Integration of existing master plans allow scenario planning and visualization by creating digital twins, which can map a district or city area, distinct economic sectors, critical infrastructure (airport, sea port, oil & gas fields, and others) or entire regions. The ecosystem cockpit provides a powerful instrument for visual communication, scenario planning for investors, and ease configuration of ecosystem elements reflecting ad-hoc or long-term changes in the development strategy of a project area. A prototype tool is currently under development and tested in projects of InSITE BAVARIA worldwide.


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