Industrial Park Planning and Construction

The competitiveness of successful business locations is generally based on a unique profile and stable networks, services and support infrastructures. These factors provide the business locations with them a sustainable fundament for operation and make them attractive for concrete settlement decisions. InSITE BAVARIA offers strategical consultancy, planning and project management services – from first strategical considerations right to the concrete settlement of companies.

Our Location

Industrie Center Obernburg

InSITE BAVARIA sits in the premises of the Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO), a chemical industrial park situated in the Lower River Main region in the very north-west of Bavaria.
The Mainsite GmbH & Co.KG is the operating company of the Industrie Center Obernburg – with an expanse of 176 hectares (432 acres) and approximately 3,000 employees, this is Europe's largest and most diversified chemical fiber industry estate. The ICO is home to internationally successful businesses of all sizes and branches.
In addition to development and marketing of the industry estate for further company settlements, Mainsite as versatile provider of industrial services supplies the undertakings settled in the ICO with all services needed for efficient operations as well as the required Infrastructure.
Mainsite’s highly efficient structure and its sustainability proven in a 90-year-old history are serving as role models for InSITE BAVARIA’s conceptional work. The ICO and Mainsite can also be demonstrated very easily and effectually to visiting delegations from abroad.

Our origin

InSITE BAVARIA grew out of the Site Development Program of the Chemie‑Cluster Bayern GmbH. The Chemical Cluster Bavaria (CCB) was founded in 2007 as part of the cluster initiative, carried out by the Bavarian federal government and supported by the Bavarian Chemistry Association. The CCB comprises about 300 Bavarian chemical organisations and research institutions. Well-known for its “Value Creation Partnership” CCB collects about 100-150 technology requirements of industrial end users per year and facilitates chemical solution suppliers. CCB’s department for Research and Development can stir and coordinate about 40-50 new R&D-projects per year. CCB has even got its own service centre (ConTEC) for EU subsidies at the University of Bayreuth. One of the most important cluster initiatives is the “Value Creation Partnership” (VCP). Members answer their demands for technologies occurring in major branches in a network of associations in the world market. In other words, CCB places innovations in materials or processes towards the industrial customers by gathering challenge statements as technological demands from different branches. Then CCB organises meeting and discussion with potential solutions suppliers. Internationally speaking, the VCP focuses on value chains like aerospace but also minerals and mining, oil and gas, agriculture, new materials, life science and renewable energies. Here the VCP serves foremost as facilitator of industrial cooperation. On the one hand, local or regional gaps in value chains can be discovered and thus lead to individually targeted infrastructure projects. On the other hand, the VCP serves as a tool for developing cooperation into new markets. A great demand of German and/or Bavarian assistance in the development of sustainable industrial infrastructure is often voiced for instance in Asia. As answer to such great demand CCB created the “Site Development Program” (SDP) in 2013 in order to stir, coordinate and manage such infrastructure development enquiries. Using the SDP as a means of export business assistance cluster manager take care of a sustainable value creation situation while VCP’s member organisations supply further services and products starting with consultancy to actual construction works. After a successful start in China CCB and Mainsite GmbH&Co.KG jointly found a Competence Centre for Industrial Site Development in Industrie Center Obernburg in early 2015. Since July 2015 the Competence Center has its own brand, InSITE BAVARIA.