2. May, 2016

Hannover Fair 2016: Successful Participation for InSITE BAVARIA

A delegation from Jiashan County, led by Mayor Mr Qi Hailong, visited the Hannover Fair on Monday, 25th April 2016 to join the high-level discussion on the sustainable development of Jiashan economic development zone (EDZ). The event started with the presentation of the results of a feasibility study by InSITE BAVARIA to give an introduction and update to the participants on the EDZ. High-ranking guests attended the discussion: Mr Reinhard Büchl, cluster speaker of Umweltcluster Bayern and CEO of Büchl Entsorgungswirtschaft, was a perfect match to the needs of Jiashan EDZ as expert for environmental technologies. The guests from Jiashan may have found a professional partner for a future collaboration in him. Dr Patrick Prühs, expert for secure sharing of process resources introduced Jiashan to the Sharebox project and new standards of industrial symbiosis; a topic which could be implemented in Jiashan EDZ as well. It was a major honour to count Mr Rudolf Scharping, federal minister ret. and premier ret., among the guests. Mr Scharping introduced his idea of the One Belt – One Road concept and thus affirmed the chances of Sino-German partnerships. The high-level discussion was rounded off by a signing ceremony between Jiashan Eco-Tech Development Zone represented by Director Mr Lu Chunhao, the chairman of e.m.t. GmbH. and chairman Mr Gong Jin of Dalian FCT Co. Ltd.

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Guests from Jinan visited the Hannover Fair from Thursday, 28th April to Friday, 29th April 2016. The group was led by the Mayor of Jinan, Mr Li Honghai, and Director of the New Material Industrial Zone, Mr Zhao Xinsheng. In a project-related meeting with InSITE BAVARIA the recently completed feasibility study was discussed. On Friday the guests from Jinan took part at the Asia-Pacific Business Forum. The Forum consisted of several renowned actors. Mr Siva of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) introduced Malaysia as strong part of the ASEAN economic community. Daniel A. Gottschald of InSITE BAVARIA moderated the second part of the forum giving detailed insight into the development of Euro-Asian Industry Parks 4.0. High-ranked experts like Mr Thomas Lämmer-Gamp, Head of Group “Global Innovation and Clusters” & Director, European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, VDI/VDE IT GmbH, or Mr Shanker Singham, CEO and Chair of the Competere Group, and Mr Florian Schmied, CEO of ESI Group presented their essentials for sustainability in future e-cities. Their approaches were rounded off by two presentations of concrete park development projects. Park Director Mr Zhao Xinsheng introduced the New Material Industrial Zone in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. Afterwards Mr Gan Chaowei introduced the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park in Minsk. A final discussion round moderated by Mr. Hans Gang, publisher at Local Global GmbH, was joined by Mr. S. Siva (MIDA Frankfurt), Mr Richard Hoffmann (ECOVIS Beijing), Mr. Gottschald (InSITE BAVARIA), and Mr. Stefan Schmitz (BWA Global Economic Network e.V.).

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