6. November, 2015

Great Stone Delegation visits Lower Rhine-Main Region

A four headed delegation from the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park near Minsk visited selected industrial sites in the lower Rhine-Main cities of Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg during their three-day strategical workshop with the competence centre for industrial site development, InSITE BAVARIA by Chemical Cluster Bavaria.

Upon their arrival on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, the guests from Minsk, consisting of two representatives of the park development company and two representatives of the future park administration, were welcomed in the Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO) by the team of InSITE BAVARIA and a representative of Mainsite GmbH & Co.KG, ICO’s park operator. Their leader of communication, Mr. Thilo Berdami, presented the over 90-years-old industrial site to the guests laying special focus on its visionary master planning gaining ICO economic and ecological success until present. ICO’s ability to adapt to changing framework conditions renders the site an important model for developing sites like Great Stone Industrial Park. The introduction to ICO’s owner-tenant model as well as their close cooperation with regional partners were then used by the delegation group to retreat for an internal meeting with the team of InSITE BAVARIA to discuss the Great Stone project status.

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, started with a visit at the port of Aschaffenburg, bayernHafen Aschaffenburg. The port manager, Mr. Wolfgang Filippi, welcomed the guests to a visit of the port – not only literally but foremost providing detailed background information on the historical development of the site, its economic ups and downs and its unique strategy of overcoming its downs by redefining their concept. The fact that bayernHafen Aschaffenburg does not have any incentives except their competiveness seemed most insightful for the visiting group. Their motivation to constantly improve the best even into a “better best” illustrated their economic ambition quite impressively. After the tour through the grounds of the port, the delegation met another expert for the development of industrial zones in Mr. Thorsten Ducke (Stadt Aschersleben). Mr. Ducke introduced the historical situation of Aschersleben to explain their achievements in developing their industrial zone after the fall of the Wall: Close personal contact and a strong inclusion of the region in all matters (housing, education, stakeholders etc.) was crucial for the success of their industrial site. The day was ended by a visit of the beer brewery Faust in Miltenberg where the guests were reconfirmed about the importance of partnerships within the region when aiming at a state-of-the-art product of highest quality in competition with global players.

The last day of the strategical workshop with InSITE BAVARIA was spent in Munich. The delegation was invited by Mr. Hans-Joachim Heusler, CEO of Bayern International, who reconfirmed his preceding guest speakers when highlighting the needs of German companies looking for a new settlement. Assisting the visitors’ search for interested companies, he introduced the database of Bavarian companies which as a source for value chains already supports cooperation internationally. Mr. Heusler also offered his experience and help for the development of Great Stone Industrial Park. In this he was joined by guest speaker Mr. Robert Gerl, CEO of the Bavarian Health Association.

A short visit and closing meeting at the office of Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH rounded up the workshop with a satisfying result: It was a great pleasure to have the guests from Great Stone. Thanks to their eagerness to learn the three days were successful and on the long pushes forward the collaboration in the Great Stone project. The Great Stone team and InSITE BAVARIA are looking forward to take the next steps together.