8. October, 2015

German-Russian Competence Center for Minerals and Mining: New Market Opportunities in mineral-based Value Chains between Germany and Russia

During the 8th German-Russian Mineral-Conference in St. Petersburg on October 7th 2015 the foundation of a German-Russian Competence Center for Minerals and Mining was agreed: The Competence Center is a joint undertaking of the Technical University Munich, InSITE BAVARIA and the National University for Mineral Resources „Gorny“ St. Petersburg and is supported by the German-Russian Mineral-Forum.

A German-Russian Competence Center for Minerals and Mining shall lay the basis for new, sustainable value chains between Germany and Russia beginning in 2016. For that matter, the Technical University Munich, InSITE BAVARIA and the Russian National University for Mineral Resources St. Petersburg develop a joint platform for the development of projects. A team of experts will work out concrete possibilities of optimizing the efficiency of Russian mineral mining while at the same time focusing on improved ecological friendliness, security and sustainability. The aim of the Competence Center is the development of new, German-Russian production clusters for the mineral sector, especially considering “Industry 4.0”, qualification initiatives and academic-technical exchange.

The Competence Center shall develop concrete, German-Russian partnership for minerals to open up a better market entrance for German technology providers and to optimize common mineral-based value chains. Hence, partnerships with sites and operating companies in Russia are agreed in order to develop new German-Russian models of cooperation. The work of the Competence Center is accompanied and supported by the German-Russian Mineral Forum, a central platform for intensifying the relationships between both countries in minerals.

On German side, InSITE BAVARIA and TUM International GmbH are responsible for the realisation of the Competence Center. As subsidiary of TU Munich TUM International organises research and development projects uniting academics and economy worldwide; it also supervises research opportunities of TU Munich in international markets. InSITE BAVARIA as division of Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH organises the Bavarian Site Development Program, which supports the development of sustainable industrial infrastructure particularly in emerging countries.

Joint in the German-Russian Competence Center for Minerals and Mining both institutions combine their long experience in the collaboration between industrial and research sites in Eastern Europe and Asia: The Competence Center will serve all German companies and research institutions as a platform for a new kind of collaboration with Russian mineral sites and coordinate such collaborations. The Center helps all German participants to evaluate the market in Russia, it develops model sites regarding “Mining 4.0”, it organises transfer programs and on the whole contributes greatly to securing the German mineral supply in the long run.