25. August, 2015

InSITE BAVARIA participates at the Cambodia International Machinery Industry Fair

In collaboration with Bayern International InSITE BAVARIA participated with its partners ENIGA GmbH and Bachschuster Architecture GmbH at Cambodia’s most important industrial fair, the Cambodia International Machinery Industrial Fair (CIMIF) in August in Phnom Penh.

The two highlights besides the participation at the CIMIF were the dinner gala at the German Embassy in Phnom Penh on the first evening. Mr Baron von Marschall, German Embassador, invited representatives of the economic ministry and most important industrial promoters. Managing Director of InSITE BAVARIA, Mr Gottschald, used the opportunity to introduce his Site Development Program to the guests. The dinner gala was followed the next day by a special “Bavarian Workshop” at the fair grounds. Representatives of the Bavarian companies introduced their products and services while the main focus applied once again to the portfolio if InSITE BAVARIA and its program for the development of sustainable industrial sites. Mr Gottschald in accordance with Mr Hans-Joachim Heusler, CEO of Bayern International, stressed the manifold opportunities for Cambodia in his Site Development Program. This opinion was very much reflected by the audience who by their positive reaction proved that a Bavarian consultancy for industrial development is of great need in Cambodia. After such a positive welcome in Phnom Penh, InSITE BAVARIA now hopes for good cooperation!