15. April, 2015

Conference at the Hannover Fair

Within the HannoverMesse 2015 a charter on the foundation of the “New Silk Road Initiative” was signed by three industrial parks located in Lithuania, Belarus and China on April 15th. Kaunas Free Economic Zone, the Great Stone Industry Park near Minsk and the County of Jiashan in China committed to joint quality standards for site development and a joint service portfolio for their parks by signing the charter. The “New Silk Road Initiative” is coordinated by InSITE BAVARIA, the Competence Center for Industrial Site Development by Chemie-Cluster Bayern.

“Our ‘New Silk Road Initiative’ stands for a unique land bridge of transport routes connecting Europe and China within only 11 to 15 days,” says Freddy Opsomer, Director of the Board at Kaunas Free Economic Zone. In addition to collaborations on infrastructure and logistics a joint platform for cluster management and close collaborations on the appointment of business incubators is planned in the near future. “The ‘New Silk Road Initiative’ establishes a new quality of connecting international industrial sites; a connection which creates business opportunities in global value chains especially for small businesses and service providers,” Daniel A. Gottschald, Managing Director of Chemie-Cluster Bayern emphasises.

For more details on the “New Silk Road Initiative” please visit www.silkroadparks.com.